Forest Spirit Healing - Reiki, Akashic Records, Angel Readings - Calgary, AB

I am a certified Reiki Master, Akashic Record Reader, and Angel Card Reader. More importantly, I am a healer of the heart, student of life, lover of people, and wanderer of the world. I operate out of my home in beautiful Calgary, Alberta, Canada and I love what I do. I am here to assist you in healing and share with you loving messages from Spirit/God/Life Force. 

Growing up my family occasionally attended church, but numerology and vibration levels were taught more than religion was. I always knew I was sensitive (clair-sentient); however, I never knew what it was or that I needed to explore it further until later in life. 

I graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies (as in International Development). Through my studies, travelling and my own soul searching,​ my perspective has changed dramatically over the years. I have awoken to how differently people of other cultures view the world. I have discovered how the Sacred is central to life almost everywhere outside of the mainstream Western world. I have learned that it was faith in the Sacred that helped people get through the worst tragedies, across space and time, and remain resilient in their darkest hours. These realizations have put me on a path I never saw coming, and I am excited to see what lies around each and every corner. 

The lessons I have learned about humanity, resiliency, and faith in the process of life touch me every day. Every new day and every new experience has brought me closer to my true purpose, which is to heal. My wish is for every person to discover for themselves what a meaningful life is to them, their soul purpose, and align with their Higher Selves to truly come alive.  

I never work alone and the name, Forest Spirit Healing, was given to me by my Angels to remind both myself and my clients that we are never alone. Just think of how full a forest is of creatures, of all that we can and can't see. Similarly, the Universe is full of Beings ready to help us, of ones we can and can't see. Trees are also my happy place. I don't know what it is, but something about trees and forests puts me at ease. It is my intention that Forest Spirit Healing will put you at ease too. 

It is an immense privilege to work alongside the Reiki Guides, Masters of the Akashic Records, Angels and all of Spirit's Beings who heal and help us cope with all of life's challenges. Whether it is to find healing on all levels or guidance on your path, we can help.

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